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Pakistan Public Aid Trust (PPAT) is a charitable and welfare trust which was registered on 20th June 2012 under Trust Act 1882, registered at No. 1913, Book No. 4, Volume No. 1005. The trust has been established by Mr. Nasir Abbas Tarar, who currently serves as the Chairman of the Trust.

Nasir Abbas Tarar is a politician and a leading philanthropist hailing from Chot Dheeran, Tehsil Malakwal, District Mandi Bahauddin. Apart from PPAT, Nasir Abbas Tarar is one of the many supporters of Akhuwat – Pakistan’s largest Interest Free Microfinance Institution. In the recently held local body elections, Nasir Tarar convincingly won the seat for the Chairman of Union Council 80 independently, on the basis of performance and his service towards local communities, towards humanity.

The trust has been established to bring a sustainable change into the lives of those who have been suffering due to poverty and lack of basic amenities; lack of basic rights. The trust aims to provide relief to the vulnerable segment of the society – the marginalized, the poverty struck and the disaster struck – through programs in the fields of health, education, skill development, livelihood, wedding support, disability programs, water and sanitation interventions, youth development programs and through its In-Kind Donation Program.


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