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Since 2012, the trust has been establishing medical camps in District Mandi Bahauddin to provide medical relief to those in need of urgent services. The camps calls specialists from all over Pakistan to cater as many fields it can for the welfare of the poverty struck people of the region.

Through the camp, the trust has been able to provide medical services in the fields of general ailments, cardiology, medicine, eye care, gastrointestinal, cleft and palette, orthopedic, hepatitis and thalassemia. Apart from services, diagnostic services are available to detect blood abnormalities, especially hepatitis. Medicines are provided free of charge to all the patients to cure their illnesses. Through the camps since 2012, the trust has served 21,000 people already, ALHAMDULILAH.

Every year, a dedicated team for eye services is invited from Lahore to operate on those in need of eye surgeries in order to see again. Since 2012, the team has been able to perform eye surgeries for over 1,100 patients, ALHAMDULILAH.

Annual Medical Camp costs: Rs. 1.2 Million, following are the budget heads:

  • Medicines for Patients: Rs. 300,000
  • Eye Surgeries for 200 patients: Rs. 600,000
  • Transportation of Doctors to and fro: Rs. 100,000
  • Cost of Catering for Staff and Volunteers for 3 days: Rs. 100,000
  • Cost of Tenting and Chairs: Rs. 100,000


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