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Muhammad Nazeer Memorial Welfare Hospital aims to rapidly expand the services at the hospital. Currently, the trust has collaborated with Al Ehsan Welfare Eye Hospital in Lahore to provide eye surgeries to patients that require immediate surgery to protect them from curable blindness.

PPAT sponsors a shuttle service to and fro to Al Ehsan Welfare Eye Hospital and back to Malakwal for patients that require eye surgeries completely free of cost. Subsidized rates are offered to those who can afford, moreover, the poverty struck patients are able to get free operations through Zakat Funds at Al Ehsan Welfare Eye Hospital.

But, in a move towards expansion, PPAT is aiming to establish a Surgery Unit at Muhammad Nazeer Memorial Welfare Hospital in Malakwal. The aim is to provide surgery services to people at their doorstep, near to their homes. The establishment of the surgery unit will provide services to those dwelling in rural settings of not only Mandi Bahauddin but to those residing in bordering districts of Sargodha and Jhelum as well, a population of well over 2 million.

The aim of the trust is to establish the surgery unit in this year so that the hospital is able to facilitate surgery patients – those who require cataract surgeries – in Malakwal, in order to eliminate the need for traveling. To establish the surgery

unit, the trust requires support from the philanthropic community for the following equipment:

  • Phaco System: Phacoemulsification is a modern cataract surgery in which the eye’s internal lens is emulsified with an ultrasonic handpiece and aspirated from the eye. Aspirated fluids are replaced with irrigation of balanced salt solution to maintain the anterior chamber.
  • Ophthalmic Ultrasonic A-Scan Biometer: A-scan ultrasound biometry, commonly referred to as an A-scan (short for Amplitude scan), is routine type of diagnostic test used in optometry or ophthalmology. The A-scan provides data on the length of the eye, which is a major determinant in common sight disorders. The most common use of the A-scan is to determine eye length for calculation of intraocular lens power.
  • Operation Microscope for Ophtalmology: The human eye is an extremely delicate organ, and so performing ophthalmic surgery requires the ability to monitor progress on a micro-level. Ophthalmic operating microscopes are designed to provide high contrast and detailed imaging of all regions of the human eye.

Cost of Expansion: Rs. 4.5 Million


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Establishment of Surgery Unit

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