The Rising Generation Schools

Pakistan Public Aid Trust has established five (5) schools in its quest to provide quality education to girls/women who could not continue their education due to poverty or other personal challenges under the school chain by the name of ‘The Rising Generation Schools.’

Within a year of its establishment, the trust has established five schools in the following locations:

  1. Chak Ameenpur, UC Mona Depot, Tehsil Malkwal, District Mandi Bahauddin
  2. Chot Dheeran, UC Chakraib, Tehsil Malkwal, District Mandi Bahauddin
  3. Kartarpur, UC Chakraib, Tehsil Malkwal, District Mandi Bahauddin
  4. Pind Bhaga, Tehsil Malkwal, District Mandi Bahauddin
  5. Dargai, Malakand Agency, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The foundation has been able to bring back 162 girls back to school through this initiative. The foundation is being run on the model proposed and managed by System Foundation. System Foundation has developed a syllabus/program that helps a student above the age of 14, who has never entered a school, can study and pass Matric (SSC) examination from Education Board in a period of two (2) years.

The aim of the project is to:

  1. Identify and motivate ‘out of school’ children and bring them out of their homes or child labor towards education;
  2. In minimum time, to enhance the capability of the students;
  3. To facilitate illiterate/semi-literate students to pass Matric in a period of just two years;
  4. To assist these students in planning their career in respect of further education and employment.

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