Our volunteers believe that they have to work free. They always fell happy to do something for the world.


Value of life is not in its duration, but it depends on how much you have donated others for their lives.


Care for each other can make happy together. Feeling careless to other people, they have also feel careless for you.

Latest News and  Updates

Pakistan Public Aid Trust has taken a number of Practical steps against Covid-19


سالہا سال سے دکھی انسانیت کی خدمت کے جزبے کے تحت فری میڈیکل اینڈ آئی کیمپس کا لامتناہی سلسلہ


اوورسیز بھائیوں کی مدد سے الحمداللہ اب تک ہزاروں مستحق مریضوں کے فری آپریشنز ہو چکے ہیں۔۔۔


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