Chairman’s Message

Assalamalaikum Everyone…

I pray for peace and health for all.

On behalf of Pakistan Public Aid Trust (PPAT), I would like to take the opportunity to express my immense gratitude to all donors, supporters and volunteers of the trust for enabling us to come this far. ALHAMDULILAH, by the Grace of Almighty, by permission of Allah (SWT), I am pleased to inform that Pakistan Public Aid Trust has been able to establish its flagship project – Muhammad Nazeer Memorial Welfare Hospital. The hospital has been named after my late father who helped us to come this far in our successful personal and professional lives; it is a little token, a small tribute for his efforts for us and at large.

May Allah (SWT) bless him with the best in Jannah, bestow him with the permission to reside in Jannat Ul Firdous, Ameen.

Pakistan has been developing and at the same time struggling. The communities dwelling in rural settings have not been able to develop in tandem with urban centers causing severe problems in functioning of their day to day lives. Their struggles include their lower incomes, less opportunities of work, lack of quality education and health services, and protection issues. At PPAT, we are trying to tackle the issues through community mobilization and launch of various programs in collaboration with them.

Pakistan Public Aid Trust has been an outlet for support for many. Over the years, the trust has worked hard to bring change through its livelihood programs, in-kind donation programs, skill development, and interest free microfinance and education programs. The trust also establishes a state of the art medical camp on an annual basis that caters several primary and secondary services in District Mandi Bahauddin to provide services of renowned specialists on the doorstep of those who couldn’t have reached them.

The trust had organized over five camps since 2012, one each year, and through the camps we were able to help 21,000 patients through OPD Services and 740 patients through eye surgeries. To expand the health program, the trust established its flagship project – Muhammad Nazeer Memorial Welfare Hospital. In the past eight months, the hospital has been able to serve over 4,300 patients suffering from different eye ailments and has facilitated over 250 patients with eye surgeries i.e. in the course of 6 years into this venture of serving the public, we have been able to reach over 25,000 patients and have provided eye surgeries to cure curable blindness for around 1,100 patients.


We are not planning to stop here; we are planning to reach new heights from here on, INSHALLAH. In a move towards expansion, PPAT is aiming to establish a Surgery Unit at Muhammad Nazeer Memorial Welfare Hospital in Malakwal. The aim is to provide surgery services to people at their doorstep, near to their homes. The establishment of the surgery unit will provide services to those dwelling in rural settings of not only Mandi Bahauddin but to those also who are residing in bordering districts of Sargodha and Jhelum as well. To establish the surgery unit, the trust requires support from the philanthropic community for the following equipment:

  • Phaco System
  • Ophthalmic Ultrasonic A-Scan Biometer
  • Operation Microscope for Ophtalmology

I want everyone reading this message to come out and support Pakistan Public Aid Trust in this campaign. Help us establish a state of the art eye hospital for those who have been deprived of quality healthcare. To bring up a revolution that fights against all odds and raises voice for those who have been denied of their basic human right, the right to have services that can ensure their well-being, the well-being of their loved ones.

Once again, I would like to express my immense gratitude to all those who have been part of this wonderful journey, the journey in which we have fought poverty, spread lives and saved lives. I pray that May Allah answer all your prayers for all the noble work you have done, Ameen!

Yours Sincerely,

Nasir Tarar,

Chairman, Pakistan Public Aid Trust