Pakistan Public Aid Trust (PPAT) is committed to improve the quality of life of disabled members of our society, by supporting organizations working in the field, by providing aids that enables mobility to those suffering from physical disability. PPAT stays committed to help individuals suffering from mental, physical, visual, hearing and speech disability. The trust has provided donations to the following organizations:

  • Punjab Welfare Trust for Disabled (PWTD)
  • Al Ehsan Welfare Eye Hospital

Moreover, the trust runs a wheel chair programs through the support of PWTD, through which it provides wheel chairs to those in need. Through its field staff, 200 beneficiaries were identified in Districts of Mandi Bahauddin, Sargodha and Jhelum that were in dire need of wheel chairs for the purpose of mobility, for the purpose of making these individuals productive members of the society, to reduce the burden on their caretakers.

PPAT is committed towards the cause of disabled persons and fully supports their welfare and rehabilitation through treatment, care, employment and education. It advocates for the development of special institutions that work with disabled people and their families in order to prepare them better for the battle ahead.