1. Muhammad Nazeer Memorial Welfare Hospital

Muhammad Nazeer Memorial Welfare Hospital is an eye hospital operated by Pakistan Public Aid Trust (PPAT). The hospital was inaugurated in November 2016 and since then has played a major role in providing quality healthcare services in the field of eye on subsidized rates or completely free to those in need. The aim of the hospital to provide services suffering from various eye ailments to those who are dwelling in neglected, rural and under-privileged areas of Pakistan. The hospital has been named after Late Mr. Muhammad Nazeer, father of Mr. Nasir Abbas Tarar, Chairman of Pakistan Public Aid Trust. The Tarar family and their friends and their supporters have donated incredibly to ensure the establishment of the hospital. The land for the hospital has been specifically donated by Zafar Iqbal Tarar, the eldest son of Late Mr. Muhammad Nazeer.

Performance of the Hospital: Since its establishment in November 2016, the hospital has been able to reach out to 4,300 patients till date and has facilitated over 250 eye surgeries. The hospital’s performance has been satisfactory since the support and trust the community has shown is exemplary. The patient count has been satisfactory and if it continues to rise, the hospital would have to be expanded periodically in order to ensure the smooth delivery of quality medical services.

Geographical Importance: Muhammad Nazeer Memorial Welfare Hospital has been established at New City, Malakwal, Mandi Bahauddin. The Tehsil of Malakwal is centrally located; it borders Sargodha District and Jhelum District; it is just 35 kilometers away from the District Headquarters in Mandi Bahauddin, 32 kilometers from Bhera Interchange in Sargodha and 38 kilometers from Salem Interchange. Due to its strategic location, the hospital has been able to serve the under-privileged residing the above mentioned three districts; mostly from rural settings. Due to its central location, it is able to serve a catchment area of over 2 million people residing 2-3 hours away from the hospital.

Medical Services: The hospital is providing eye healthcare services through its facility which are: diagnostics, consultation and the provision of medicines. The hospital has been able to procure state of the art machinery through philanthropic contributions made to the trust. The hospital has qualified healthcare professionals that are assigned different roles as per their expertise. At the moment, the hospital has access to the following equipment and services:

  • Slit Lamp
  • Autorefractometer
  • Autoclave
  • 24 hour Ambulance Service
  • Pharmacy
  • Operation Theater

2. Medical Camps

Since 2012, the trust has been establishing medical camps in District Mandi Bahauddin and various parts of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir to provide medical relief to those in need of urgent services. The camps calls specialists from all over Pakistan to cater as many fields it can for the welfare of the poverty struck people of the region.

Through the camp, the trust has been able to provide medical services in the fields of general ailments, cardiology, medicine, eye care, gastrointestinal, cleft and palette, orthopedic, hepatitis and thalassemia. Apart from services, diagnostic services are available to detect blood abnormalities, especially hepatitis. Medicines are provided free of charge to all the patients to cure their illnesses. Through the camps since 2012, the trust has served 21,000 people already, 700+ for eye surgeries alone, ALHAMDULILAH.

The trust has envisioned with its partner Al Ehsan Welfare Eye Hospital to prepare an ‘Operation Theater on Wheels’, a mobile operation theater. The operation theater would be established in a truck/bus; the vehicle will travel all over Pakistan and provide cataract eye surgeries to those living in underprivileged and rural areas INSHALLAH.