In order to fight poverty, the trust has established a livelihood program. Through the livelihood program, the foundation engages in activities that promotes life-long learning which enables poverty and/or disaster struck people to break the shackles of poverty and sustain their lives with dignity. The trust runs a skill development program and support’s Akhuwat’s mission to provide interest free microfinance loans.

Skill Development

In order to bring stability to the socio-economic order, the trust invests in human capital through skill development. The trust believes that in order to fight poverty, end hunger and to avail basic rights, it is important to impart training regarding employable skills to vulnerable segment of the society.

PPAT has interventions in livelihood sector addresses the eradication of extreme poverty and promotion of women empowerment, keeping gender equality a subject dear to everyone’s heart. PPAT has established under the umbrella of Pakistan Bait Ul Maal ‘Vocational Dastkari School for Girls/Women’ in Chot Dheeran, Union Council Chakraib, District Mandi Bahauddin. The institute imparts trainings on small scale enterprise development in the field of sewing, embroidery and computers.

To drive success at macro-economic level and to improve livelihoods of women interested to step into employment or self-employment, the trust ensures they become productive members of the society through the time they spent in the institute to learn different employable skills. Over 300 students have graduated from the institute and currently 60 students, are studying at the institute to carve a better future for themselves and their dependents. Out of the 60 students, 20 students are taking computer classes; they have been provided a state of the art computer laboratory that has been established in collaboration with Pakistan Bait Ul Maal and Unicef.


Microfinance is the provision of capital in small amounts to those who do not offer physical capital as a security for the return of borrower capital. Conventional microfinance is the circulation of that capital in such a way that it earns a financial return to the lender. Islamic Microfinance is a form of non-conventional microfinance that is in keeping with the principles of Islam i.e. stops the involvement of interest. Akhuwat is a practitioner of the latter and is based on the principle of Qarz-e-Hassan, the provision of interest free loans to those in need.

Pakistan Public Aid Trust (PPAT) has contributed Rs. 10 Million approximately towards the cause of Akhuwat in order to establish a branch in Chot Dheeran, Mandi Bahauddin. The branch is unique since it was the first one the organization established in a rural area. Till date, the milestones achieved through the program are the following:

  1. Total Benefiting Families: 2,287 families
  2. Total Loans disbursed to Males: 1,837
  3. Total Loans disbursed to Females: 450
  4. Amount Disbursed (PKR): 45,898,000
  5. Percentage Recovery: 100%
  6. Active Loans: 925
  7. Outstanding Loan Portfolio (PKR): 11,446,350